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Travel FREE on Simple Express birthday!


This weekend youth brand Simple Express will turn two years old.

On its birthday Simple Express is offering every moustache wearer a FREE trip.  That means this Saturday on the 14th of April all people wearing moustaches can step on to any Simple Express coach and travel for free anywhere the coach is going. You can travel to Riga, Vilnius or even to Warsaw or why not to St. Petersburg, but remember that you need a Russian visa to cross the border.

A moustache will guarantee you a FREE ride – your moustache can be real, glued on, drawn or created in any other imaginative way. To get a free “Moustache-ticket“ ask the Simple Express coach driver.

On the Simple Express birthday you cannot make a reservation for the free ticket, also trips are available only in case there are free seats left on the coach.

Attention! Because it is our birthday Simple Express will also organize a birthday game on Facebook and VKontakte.  Simple Express will be looking for the coolest moustache travel group. Gather your friends and travel with Simple Express on the 14th of April. Take some cool pictures of the group wearing moustaches and send it to or upload it to Facebook or the VKontakte page and the following week we will choose the coolest moustache travel group. The prize for the group will be return tickets for all the group members to any Simple Express destination.  

Come and celebrate Simple Express birthday with us and spend an awesome day with the coolest!

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