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Started 24h Service Centre


As passengers are the most valuable asset for Lux Express, the company wished to improve its services more convenient and customer centric, and has started to provide its passengers 24h customer service in all countries, where Lux Express operates and has its customer service offices.

24h Service Centre allows passengers to get any information and support, while customer service offices are already closed. The information may include coach departures, arrivals or delays, booking or changing the tickets, prices in different routes, stops etc. The 24h Service Centre provides information or help, whenever it is needed, and solves unexpected and unpredicted situations using the most quick and effective ways for passengers.

As the 24h Service Centre is located in Latvia and gathering different nations, the service is available to all passengers in English and Russian languages every day from 20.00 - 08.00.

24h Service Centre contact phone numbers and info telephone numbers are all the same in different countries, and are as following:

  1. Estonia +372 680 0909
  2. Latvia +371 6778 1350
  3. Lithuania +370 5233 6666
  4. Russia +7 81 2441 3757

Now, Lux Express is more close to its passengers!

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