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Routes within Poland

Lux Express is operating also within Poland on the following routes:

Warsaw - Krakow and Warsaw - Suwałki

Route Prices start from Full price
Warsaw - Krakow* from 31 zl 59 zl
Warsaw - Suwałki from 22 zl 52 zl

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More information about PINS loyalty program can be found from here

If you have purchased a ticket on your own name, it is possible to get on the bus without a physical ticket. You only need your identification document. The PINS card is personal.The card can be used only by the person to whom the card has been issued to and it is forbidden to pass on the membership to a third party.

* Please be informed that Warsaw - Krakow route will be closed after 31st March 2017. More info HERE.

Main facilities on the Lux Express coach:

  • Individual tablets Buspad (movies, games, music, Internet)
  • Reclinable seats and plenty of legroom
  • Free WiFi* and hot drinks
  • Power supply by every seat pair (220 V)
  • Air conditioner
  • Opportunity to purchase headphones (1.50 EUR/6 PLN) a blanket (4 EUR/20 PLN) and a pillow (3 EUR/15 PLN)**
  • Opportunity to purchase a bottle of water (0.5 L = 1 EUR/5 PLN)**
  • Each seat is equipped with a seat belt
  • WC
  • Smoking and drinking aclohol on the coach is not permitted

* Internet service quality varies depending on where you are geographically. Internet signals may not be available at certain points en-route.
** Products can be purchased only in local currency.