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Press release: Number of passengers of Lux Express domestic routes grew by 14 percent within the year



Number of passengers of Lux Express domestic routes grew by 14 percent within the year

14,3 percent more passengers took Lux Express domestic routes in January of this year in comparison to the same time last year. Growth was visible in case of all routes including the most competitive Tallinn-Tartu route.

“The present year has brought a completely new situation to Estonian public transportation traffic where a commercial operator must compete on main roads with extensively subsidised train traffic,” said Hannes Saarpuu, Chairman of the Board of Lux Express Group.

According to Saarpuu, comfortable and regular transportation enabling to rest and relax as well as spend time in a manner satisfying the needs of a demanding business customer has become the first selection criterion for a passenger in the competing situation.   

“January’s experience with the most competitive Tallinn-Tartu line confirms passenger’s trust in quality servicing,” said Saarpuu. “Lux Express buses travelling from both cities 14 times a day were used by four percent more persons this year than within the same month of the last year.”

The number of passengers of Tallinn-Narva and Tallinn-Pärnu lines increased respectively by 25 and 47 percent when compared to the same time a year ago. “Our experience on both routes shows that a passenger trusts our service of international quality. Täistunniekspress with modern entertainment environments drove Tartu route also in January of the last year, whereas Narva and Pärnu reached the new service quality in last August,” commented Saarpuu.

In total, the passenger number of Lux Express’ Estonian routes this January was approximately 65 200. Lux Express buses departure on Tallinn-Tartu route each full hour from both cities from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. - that makes 14 departures both ways. Tallinn-Narva route features seven and Tallinn-Pärnu five departures both ways each day.

Lux Express Group operates domestic Tallinn-Tartu, Tallinn-Narva and Tallinn-Pärnu routes, formerly known as the Täistunniekspress, since last November.