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Lux Express will take you again to the Tartu Ski Marathon on 17 February 2013


Dear client,

The 42. Tartu Ski Marathon will take place on 17 February 2013.

Lux Express will take the skiers as well as the spectators to Otepää and bring them back to Tallinn after the marathon.
The price for a return ticket is 20 EUR.
To buy a ticket follow the steps below:
1. Select 20 February as the departure date and “one- way” as the ticket type
2. Select “Tallinna Coach Station“ as the departure location and “Tartu Marathon“ as the destination.

The departures displayed are the actual departure and arrival times of the buses travelling between Tallinn and the start of the Tartu Marathon. The ticket purchased will grant the passenger also the right to travel back to Tallinn from the finish of the marathon. Buses will be heading back to Tallinn from the finish around 15:00 and 17.30

NB! Passengers cannot select a specific return time when buying the ticket. At the finish of the marathon passengers will be seated on the buses on the basis of their order of arrival, that is the passengers arriving at the departure area first will be seated on the first bus until full and the rest of the passengers will be seated in the second bus. The buses will wait for all the participants of the marathon who have purchased a bus ticket.
Although we do not sell one-way tickets to the marathon bus, we kindly ask all passengers not wishing to return on the marathon bus to inform us in advance.

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