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Lux Express Special will launch on 23 March


On 23 March, we will bring a new standard to the coach service on the Tallinn-Riga route – Lux Express Special.

Lux Express Special is basically a development of the successful Lux Express product concept and it has been designed exclusively for the needs of corporate customers.

The advantages of Lux Express and Lux Express Special have been listed below for comparison:

Eurolines Lux Express Lux Express Special
Comfortable and spacious Irizar PB tourist coaches  Private minibus with 11 seats
Comfortable half leather seats, with 4 to 10 centimetres of more space between the seats, compared to regular coaches Exclusive single Lux seats
Wireless Internet access during the journey Wireless Internet access during the journey
220V power outlet by each pair of seats 220V power outlet by each seat
Two fixed tables with four seats for laptop users Sturdy tray-tables attached to the back of each seat
Music programme inside the coach Headphone socket by each seat and the possibility to listen to the radio station of your choice 
  Full meal package for each passenger (hot and cold drink, sandwich, salad and dessert)
  You can connect a laptop to the coach monitor
  Fastest connection between Tallinn and Riga, the duration of the journey is about 4 hours

The departure times for the new service have been planned so as to complement the existing Lux Express departure schedule, but also to offer the earliest possible arrival in Riga’s city centre. The coach departs from Tallinn at 05:45 in the early morning and arrives in the centre of Riga at approximately 09:50. What is more, the new departure time means that this is the only public transport alternative available that allows you to get to work at the Riga office already at ten in the morning.
The coach begins the return trip from Riga at 17:00 and arrives in Tallinn at approximately 21:10. The additional departures are only operated on weekdays.

Together with the extra departures, Lux Express offers a choice of four separate departure times on the Tallinn-Riga route (each way):

Tallinn – Riga Riga – Tallinn
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
05:45 09:45 07:00 11:25
07:00 11:25 12:30 16:55
12:30 16:55 17:00 21:10
18:30 22:55 18:30 22:55

A one-way ticket on the Lux Express Special coach costs EEK 450 (Lux Express regular tickets cost EEK 295), meaning that it is more expensive than other Lux Express departures, but it is still cheaper than the alternative business class products for travelling between Tallinn and Riga.

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