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Lux Express serves all passangers on schedule


Lux Express serves all passangers on schedule

Despite the fact that Russian authorities have temporarily suspended the international transport license for ZAO Evrolains, which belongs to Lux Express Group, all scheduled trips on Tallinn - St. Petersburg and Helsinki - St Petersburg route were operated.

As a temporary solution Lux Express has arranged passengers to be carried to the border crossing point, where passengers need to pass through the border inspection on foot and continue their trip with replacement buses. "We realize that this arrangement causes inconvenience to passengers, but we will do our best in a difficult situation. Our goal is to ensure that during the holiday season all departures would be serviced and we have not needed to cancel any trips. Our additional Lux Express employees and drivers are there to help travelers at border crossings, "said Lux ​​Express Sales Manager Sander Lõhmus

According Lõhmus crossing went well today in general, and no significant delays incurred in the schedules of buses in regard to temporary changes.

"We will look at the situation day by day and we hope to improve the existing temporary solution so that trips can take place directly from the starting point to the final destination without the need for passengers to exit the bus at border checkpoint. To do so, we are involving both our own resources and our partners, "added Lõhmus and apologized for the inconveniences.

Temporary suspension of the transport license concerns only ZAO Evrolains coaches. Tallinn-St Petersburg departures operated by Lux Express Estonia are not affected. Lux Express passengers can check their carrier from their tickets. ZAO Evrolains operates St.Petersburg - Helsinki route three times per day and Tallinn - St Petersburg has up to five departures daily.

At the end of yesterday’s workday Lux Express received formal notice from Russian authorities to ZAO Evrolains that their license has been temporarily suspended due to some shortcomings in the company's activities. After getting the list on the 26th of December the deadline for resolving deficiencies was set for three months. These shortcomings did not have any affect on offering high-quality and safe travel service for our customers and the suspension of the transport license came as a surprise to the company. 

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