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Lux Express new route Riga - Panevezys - Vilnius – Minsk


Lux Express will open a new destination Riga – Panevezys – Vilnius – Minsk. First departure from Riga will be on 20.06.2012 and first departure from Minsk will be on 21.06.2012.  Departure will be daily from Riga at 22:50 and arrives to Minsk at 07:30 and from Minsk at 12:15 with arriving to Riga at 20:20. There are 36 seats for sale in the coach and price will be 27 EUR.
* At the beginning of operating on this route, there will not be available to purchase tickets from Vilnius to Minsk. Tickets can be purchased from Riga to Panevezys, Vilnius and Minsk, also from Panevezys to Minsk and opposite way.

More information and correct timetables are shown in the ticket sales system.

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