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Changing tickets design


From 9th of  January will change Lux Express and Simple Express tickets designs. Tickets design changes are driven by the desire to be simpler for customers, more understandable and more customer friendly.

Before boarding please make sure that you have a VALID PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT, either Passport or Identity Card for Citizens of EU Member States to present it to the driver. On Lux Express and Simple Express coaches it is possible to board without printed ticket just with a personal identification document. If you are using our partner’s services, you need to print out the ticket and present it to the driver while boarding the coach.

With regard to the adoption of new ticket designs use may cause some ticket purchasing system failures on the 8th of January night (Sunday night on Monday early morning).  We apologize  for all of the inconvenience that this may cause.

Lux Express

New ticket design you can see here:

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