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Andrus Treier, long-term head of KredEx, to become the head of Lux Express


Andrus Treier (43), who used to be the head of KredEx for more than ten years, will start as the Chairman of the Management Board of Lux Express, that serves more than two million passengers annually. The new manager was selected by means of a public contest from 65 candidates.

According to Treier, who has been active in a research and development enterprise engaged in the field of medical equipment, with him Lux Express will continue its work in shaping the mobility preferences of people travelling by car towards taking the bus. “As a leader in the field, Lux Express has proved that premium-level bus travel is a dignified alternative to driving. The answer to the question of how to tip people towards choosing public transport is actually simple. It requires a service that has developed to the best technical level and thought through from purchasing the ticket until arriving to the destination, at the same time giving the passenger the opportunity to use the time on the road for work or entertainment,” said Treier. “The decision to apply for the position was quick when it was revealed that the Estonian-owned enterprise with international ambitions is searching for a new leader. This combination made the challenge very attractive.”

According to Hugo Osula, the owner of Lux Express, which belongs to Mootor Grupp, he trusts the development of the enterprise that is operating on solid basis and valued highly by passengers to Treier based on the appreciation for his experience in leadership and finance. “I believe that Andrus will find opportunities to grow the company’s value, expanding the spectrum of high-quality services both in terms of the content as well as geographically.

Andrus Treier has been the head of KredEx, a state-owned financial institution. Treier has previously also worked at the logistics enterprise Danzas/DHL, as an auditor and consultant at KPMG and, most recently, at SelfDiagnostics, a research and development company of medical equipment. 

Hannes Sarapuu, who had been the head of Lux Express for the past 11 years, publicly announced his wish to step down past spring. Sarapuu will retain his ties to the company working part-time with several special projects. According to Osula, he understands Sarapuu’s wished to take more time for himself. “I appreciate what Hannes has done highly and I am grateful that he steered Lux Express with a steady hand for ten years in these constantly changing circumstances,” he added.

Lux Express is an Estonian bus company operating on the international market, offering its passengers convenient bus travel in the whole region. The company’s bus fleet currently has around 80 buses with the average age of 2.7 years. It has over 300 bus drivers offering friendly customer service to the passengers.